Contact With Kilgrimol

For Work/Leisure 3, Paloma proposes to work on a series of paintings both utilising and exploring divination. This new work pays tribute to the history of clairvoyance and fortune telling in Blackpool that stretches back into medieval times and beyond with the proliferation of holy wells within the Fylde.

Sammy Paloma is an artist, transgirl & genderwitch living in Bristol, UK. She sometimes draws guts and ladders, sometimes stick n pokes tattoos, and sometimes writes poetry. Her work is into being a body, and not being one, listening to faeries, devotion, trans stuff, and necromancy. Her book length poem about Bigfoot, ‘There’s Always Things Falling Out The Sky’, a collaboration with Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould was published earlier this year by Pink Sands Studio. Some of the work she’s most proud of is ink on bodies, but a few other places it has been published, shown or performed over the years are Modern Queers (2021), Radmin Festival, Bristol (2019), Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire (2019), Outpost, Norwich (2018), Hauser & Wirth, Somerset (2017), Res., London (2016), Five Years, London (2015). From 2014 her and Tom Prater co-edited the artist-led journal, Doggerland.

You can find out more about Sammy’s practice here: