For information on Katharina’s practice please see here.

Katharina Ludwig’s work operates in the space between film, theatre, language, digital culture and artefact. Her practice investigates the structures and fragmentation of narratives in the digital age and their influence on and ability to subvert established hierarchies and binary oppositions. Objects and writing/text form the main components of her installations. Her work is temporal, spatial and material based, in her three-dimensional works as well as in her writing. Katharina is interested in moments of transformation: when one state is dissolving while another one begins to materialise. Her work playfully investigates objects, language and time to explore these transitions by treating objects as language and language as disembodied objects, and by challenging their assigned temporalities. Thereby she examines the potential manifestations of language: in space, time and material.

Katharina Ludwig (b.1983) is an artist and writer working with language, installation and objects. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University of London (UK) and a BA from Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). She exhibits nationally and internationally in various museums and galleries, most recently at Kunstquartier Bethanien (Germany, 2016). Other exhibitions and residencies include Work/Leisure, Abingdon Studios (Blackpool, UK, upcoming), Grand Union Gallery (Birmingham, UK), Salon Dahlmann (DE, 2015), Kunstverein Östliches Sauerland (DE, 2014), Aesthetica Art Prize (DE, 2014), Museo di Arte Moderna et Contemporanea di Trento et Rovereto (IT, 2013), Galerie BSL (FR, 2013) and the van Abbemuseum (NL, 2011).

Her works are part of public and private collections such as the Miettienen Collection (Finland/Germany) and her writing has been published a.o. by 3:AM Magazine. Katharina lives and works between Berlin and London.