Organs for Water, 2016

Organs For Water is short film about things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the beach, joining the police or joining a gang, the beach, finding a job or losing a job, falling in love or just being friends, getting wasted at school, in the cinema or on the beach, being a monster but not worrying what other people think, giving up on work and leisure and just playing.



Ralph Dorey (b. 1983) Selected recent and upcoming projects include; Dr:Wr (featuring Uma Breakdown) @ Ryan’s Bar, London; The Elephant in the Room?: Screenings and Talk on Social Inequality, Meritocracy and Art (Open School East/Royal College of Art, London); Neru Phuyt II ∆∆∆∆ Launch Night!! (KC Continental store, London; contribution to journal as Uma Breakdown and as AAS, screening of AAS film as part of launch); The Theory of Play (Science Museum, London); IMTen (IMT, London; exhibiting as Uma Breakdown and as AAS); Cult of the Sonic Affect (Supernormal, Oxfordshire); Young Castle of The Elder Sun (screening at Lime Wharf, London); Ralph, The People Were Screaming and You Filmed Them (LCCT, University College London); Young Castle of the Elder Sun (Flux Factory, New York and Gallery North, Newcastle); Molecular Mythology (Queen Mary University, London); Molecular Mythology (Gerald Moore Gallery, London); Pond Scum Light Show (Light and Shadow Salon, Horse Hospital, London); Correspondence (www.correspondence-exhibition.com / Prestamex House, Brighton / Second Life).